Small Business Advocate and Marketplace Curator

Jennyfer Crawford-Williams is known as the Queen of Small Business Advocacy and founder of Ask Jennyfer & All Things Detroit.

She is also the owner of All Things Marketplace, a shop,
event space and small business center based in Corktown.

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About Me

Jennyfer Crawford is a risk-taker. In 2014, she stepped out on her own to run her business – Ask Jennyfer – full-time.

In many ways, she did so without a net.

With about $1,500 in the bank, she forged ahead and grew a reputable brand marketing firm that now represents more than 250 small businesses and draws more than 12,000 guests to successful small business showcase events like All Things Detroit.

“What inspires me most are fellow entrepreneurs or people who risk it all for something they believe in,” said Crawford.

That’s precisely her story.

Crawford, a 2016 recipient of Crain’s Detroit Business’ 40 Under 40 honor, initially found her profession by accident.

About Me

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With a fine blend of formal business practices and in-the-trenches experience and execution, Ask Jennyfer aims to parlay our expertise as well as proprietary approaches to help small business owners start or grow their business to the next level.


Ask Jennyfer doesn’t just provide small businesses with advice and consultation, it puts its money where its mouth is in advocating for entrepreneurs everywhere through multiple events aimed at putting the spotlight on local businesses, artisans as well as professionals in different fields, and persuasions.

From in-house events to managed spectacles for partners and clients, Ask Jennyfer brings together patrons and a locality’s best kept secrets.

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